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On February 19, 2016 The Fresno Green Party wrote:
Help Me!
Greetings all,

Recently I've been informed that this website will close down soon.  I have started another one but I haven't the time and slowly learning to put it up takes time.  I would really appreciate someone who can help me or help put it up.

Please contact me soon.

Richard Gomez

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Blog For The Fresno Green Party
On January 24, 2016 The Fresno Green Party wrote:
Bernie Sanders Doesn't Support Reparations. Why Is That So Surprising?
[It is the spokespersons and candidates of the Green Party the United States that initially publically advocated for much and more than what Bernie Snders now says that brings crowds to his rallys.  Whereas the media and both major partys have excluded Greens and any other independent/anti-establishment advocates for many decades the success of Bernie Sanders is based on those who built the bed of freedom.  How long can he lay on this bed and ignore the uncomfortable parts that were buillt by those who died reaching out for freedom?  How long can he fool enough people?]

To get a better sense of who Bernie Sanders is, it's helpful to look at who he isn't.

Bernie Sanders is not a Green Party candidate.

That would be Jill Stein, the [2012]presidential nominee for the fourth-largest political party in the U.S., which advocates for many of the same issues Sanders has championed, with a number of key differences. Here's what the Green Party?s platform says about reparations:

The community of people of African ancestry whose family members were held in chattel slavery in what is now the United States of America have legitimate claims to reparations including monetary compensation for centuries of human rights violations, including the Transatlantic slave trade now recognized by the United Nations as a "crime against humanity."

The Green Party would also end all federal aid to any nation whose laws enable imprisonment or persecution on the basis of gender identity or expression. The party also wants to legalize marijuana possession and begin decriminalizing all drugs in the U.S. -- just a few of the positions that go significantly beyond what Sanders has proposed.

My comments are in the [] and italicized. Whereas much of this article was inspired by Nancy Allen of the Huffington Post.

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Blog For The Fresno Green Party
On December 14, 2015 The Fresno Green Party wrote:
As a Green Party member in the County of Fresno of California, you are eligible to run for the Green Party County Council– an opportunity to act locally, while thinking globally.

The County Council is the legal body of the state Green Party (GPCA) on the county level. It is generally responsible for organizing and coordinating Green Party activity within the county, including party building, internal and external communications, supporting local Green candidates and representing county Greens to the state Green Party.

County Councils are elected in the June presidential primary election every four years by registered Greens. County Councils hold public meetings and are governed by their own county bylaws.

To run for the Fresno Green Party County Council, one must be a registered Green anywhere in Fresno County and have been registered Green at least three months prior to the opening of the nomination filing period, which begins in 2016 on January 4th. (If you live in another county like Merced, Tulare, or another please contact me at (559)408-3320 or to direct you further)

To qualify for the ballot, a potential County Council candidate must gather twenty (20) nomination signatures from registered Greens in the district. These nomination signatures are then checked for validity by the Fresno County Registrar. If enough are valid, one's name is placed on the ballot for a public vote of registered Greens in the June 7, 2016 primary. (If seven (7) or less candidates qualify for the ballot then all are declared elected, and the election does not appear on the ballot.)

The 2016 signature gathering period is between January 4 and March 11th. To begin the process, one must go to the Fresno County Registrar's office at 2221 Kern Street, in Fresno, to fill out the declaration of candidacy, obtain the official signature gathering forms and then later, hand them in upon completion. Some counties also allow for electronic filing of the declaration of candidacy, with authorization for someone else to pick up your nomination papers. You can contact your county registrar for more information at (559) 600-VOTE or (559) 600-8683.

If you qualify for the ballot, we also encourage you to post a campaign page for yourself on the League of Women Voters Smart Voter website, which they offer for free to all candidates, even for County Council. For more information:

If you are also considering running for State Legislature or the US Congress in 2016, the signature gathering period for both starts at the same time as for County Council, so you can gather signatures for both at the same time – that is the result of a 2012 change in state law that the Green Party lobbied for.

It is also possible this year to gather signatures for a group of County Council candidates on the same petition, as a result of additional Green Party lobbying efforts which led to the state legislature's passing of a Green Party section in the state Elections Code.  Ask your county registrar about this option.

We hope you will consider getting active in the Green Party on the county level through your local county council -- and help build a strong and independent Green electoral option in California

Sanda Everette, Alex Shantz, Co-coordinators, GPCA Coordinating Committee, Pamela Spevack, Rich Stone, Co-coordinators, GPCA Campaigns and Candidates Working Group, Michael Feinstein, Spokesperson, Green Party of California.

Stay connected with the Green Party of California (and spread the message via social media)
On Twitter:
On Facebook: and
State Party email forum:
GPCA general contact: • 916-448-3437

Volunteer with the GPCA

Donate to the GPCA (we don't take corporate donations and are funded by people like you)
Register Green on-line (share this with your friends and interested others)

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Blog For The Fresno Green Party
On December 7, 2015 The Fresno Green Party wrote:
Campaign Support Fund Questionnaire For Green Party Candidate - Shamako Noble.
Shamako Noble has been a registered Green since 2012.

Question- Have you ever sought office before?
SN -I have not.

Question- What are you qualifications for this office? Describe how you decided to run for the office you are seeking. Describe your major accomplishments as a Green, and how they relate to the office you are seeking.

SN -To be transparent I am not sure that I am qualified. Nor given the complexity of the situation our population faces what one person is. I do believe that we, collectively, hold within us the keys to bright, healthy and evolutionary future for generations to come. And it is my hope that this campaign is successful in crafting a space for that conversation within the Green Party, Hip Hop, California and anywhere else that it can reverberate.

That said I will be begin by saying I spent half of my life “middle class” in a community that was both diverse and racist in a severely abusive household where capitalism and patriarchy allowed my father to hide his illness from the rest of the world. The second half is a much different story, but I was both blessed and cursed in that way, and it also plays a deep role in my political outlook. I would say that my first accomplishment is surviving that without being destroyed, destroying myself or others, and having the opportunity to do what I am doing today.

That said, I have been involved in politics and organizing since I was in elementary school. I lost the 6th Grade presidential election to Mandy Koscesbeger. I was elected 7th and 8th Grade president after that. In high school I help created Muslim and Hip Hop Clubs, and participated in Academic Decathlon and Mock Trial. In 1997, I received the Judge J. Skelly Wright Award for Constitutional Law Advocacy at the state competition for my performance as a pre-trial attorney. We are currently double checking, but currently we believe that it is the first time in California history that that award was won by an African American. I credited my success in this competition to my work as a freestyle emcee.

I dropped out of college, but before doing so I participated in Forensics’ (Speech and Debate) where I would compete and win in informative and impromptu speaking. My informative speech was on why Hip Hop was a culture.

I was introduced to Hip Hop Congress by a man named Real Robinson shortly after I graduated from High School in 1997. (For note, my graduation paperwork is up for debate because of a paperwork error but please take note of that I did speak at Graduation, Walk and receive a diploma). He drove up to San Jose to meet with some of the artists that I worked with there and we launched the Northern Cal chapter of Hip Hop Congress. A whirlwind adventure would ensue, and several years later I was elected president ((2005). Because we at were a certified non-profit by that time, I extended my title to Executive Director and have remained in that position off and on since that time. I have just recently resigned where I was replaced by Rahman Jamaal of Rap Force Academy.

To be put in perspective my history and qualifications I will list some of the titles that I have held in the past for better or for worse: Operations Coordinator, Blowing Up Underground Productions; Organizer, South Bay Labor Council; Executive Director, Rel Education for Urban Growth Enterprises; Promotions Director for KSCU; Racial and Economic Justice Coordinator, Jill Stein Campaign; Community Outreach and Development Director; Director of Education, Hip Hop Association Education Coordinator, Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign; Secretary of Culture, Green Shadow Cabinet, Editor, People’s Tribune; Community Organizer and Political Analyst: Silicon Valley De-Bug, National Coordinator for the US Social Forum.

I have balanced budgets and helped grow and manage organization large and small. I have in various industries, and understand up close and personal the struggle of the precariat. I have mentored under some of our nation’s most formidable organizers and I have studied Black Nationalism, Marxism, Capitalism, Business Management, Technology, Military Strategy, Philosophy and Spirituality (Both religion and non religion).

I am a parent, a son and a sibling. I want the best for myself and my family. I care about the future of our planet. I have many flaws. I am willing to learn. While I have been inside of the music industry, the non-profit industrial complex and the Democratic party, I have never been bought or owned by any of them.  I hope to keep it that way.

Campaign Strategy.
Question- Please give us a vision and overview of your campaign, including by answering any/all of the following questions.

SN - What are the goals of this campaign? How does the campaign plan to achieve them? What are the chances of you being elected?
1. To place issues like the minimum basic income, the struggle for democracy, sovereignty and self determination, human rights, ending the prison industry and fully funded public education on the table.
2. To call attention to the political significance of automation.
3. To continue further the conversation around Black Autonomous Zones.
4. To get the most votes a Green Party US Senatorial candidates has ever received (300,000).
5. To shift the conversation around Culture and Politics inside and outside of the party.
6. To generate new conversations around what politics is, and to bring new folks into the conversations.
7. To build an infrastructure to continue to act as a bridge between movement and elections as seen fit or needed.
8. To explore new and models of organization, communication, education and political struggle.
9. To continue to challenge corporate rule, corporate personhood and the ongoing dehumanization of all human beings.
10. To prepare for further possibilities.
11. To emerge from this campaign with new infrastructure, new leaders, the creation of art that lasts beyond this campaign and new possibility for what politics is and can be.
12. To acknowledge that the so-called United States is built on lies, theft and genocide. And that movements like Occupy and Black Lives Matter will continue to emerge until a society that cares more about humans than profit is in place.

Question- What are the major issues in the race? On what issues is the campaign centered? What strategies will the campaign use to get your message out?

SN- The major issues that affect California now are housing, jobs, education, blacklivesmatters, labor rights, legalization of marijuana and a few others I probably haven’t named.
1. The Minimum Basic Income
2. The Hood Tax
3. The Prison-Industrial Complex/Free Education For All.

Question- What is the fundraising goal of the campaign? How much progress has been made towards that goal? How would the campaign use funds donated by the Green Party of California?

SN -Our fundraising goal is $100,000. We have just gotten started and we have already raised around $500. Including the state and the national Green Party we’re at around $3000. Our campaign is currently working with a digital media strategy firm, and we are exploring the possibility of a two month $10,000 social media campaign starting soon. We are also building our office, getting our digital infrastructure in play and covering basic life expense. The initial funds will go directly to that.

We will also be using a five prong strategy whose overview can be understood in the campaign tagline:
Culture is Politics. Politics is Culture.
Strategy Prongs:
1. Maximize the internet-As a candidate, I already have a plethora of materials online available for people to check out. The campaign will also prioritize creating new and fresh content of various multi-media forms, as well as utilize multiple available outlets including facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. We will also use an “echo chamber” strategy of creating additional web infrastructure with which to drive traffic.
2. Concentration-We are still reviewing the history and numbers, but our current analysis yields that the majority of progressive votes from inside the urban areas of the state, and the economic woes of rural poverty are also highly under discussed. We will not have the time or the resources to spend small periods of time all over the state. Rather we will concentrate our resources in the four urban areas of the state: Sacramento, the Bay Area, Los Angeles and San Diego. This will allow the campaign to set up low cost, ongoing operations and key spaces a s well as make the most out of rural, Upper Northern Cal, Central California locations.
3. Cultural Education/Culture Execution-One of the core purposes of this campaign will be to actually and functionally engage cultural networks, as well as open a space for cultural education and practice. We want to create a fundraising compilation with music from the Green Party. We want to hold open mics and stage protest shows in front of corporations that peddle in unhealthy. We will have to confront, directly white supremacy, patriarchy and capitalism.
4. Talk to the people: In cities where we are concentrated we will consciously engage the people in a direct fashion however we can. This will include door to door, working the street corners, radio, television, phone banks, etc. We approach this as though we were promoting a product, working to flood the space with the messages and images of the campaign.
5. Three core bases: We are approaching this campaign with the intention of maximizing the possibility of three distinct bases:
A. Hip Hop
B. The Movement
C. Green Party/Independent Voters
Note the absence of “African American” on this list. That is because African Americans, while they share a history of identity based on the trauma of this country, are not, by any means, a social or political monolith. There were many Black people who voted for Rosa/Cynthia even during Obama’s run, but most, if not many, voted Obama.
This campaign will face similar, if not more extreme circumstances to the extent that the front runner of the democratic party is Kamala Harris, a democratic party and legal giant who seems to be a shoe in for this position. It is our goal, to give this campaign pause, but it will require sophistication, study, careful planning and execution around specific language and structure. Some of that language and structure can be found in each of these bases, each of which represents different, but occasionally overlapping sectors of the electorate.  For more information please see my article Rosa and Jared were Right:"

Question- What is the campaign’s relationship to the Green Party? How can the Green Party support the campaign? How can this campaign increase the visibility of the Green Party and its platform?

SN -The campaign generally has a good relationship to the party. It has been in relationship with different sections of the party for some time, and has attended state and national events. We are open to collective strategy discussions on what may be possible with this campaign and how the state party and the green party can grow as a result.

Question- These are criteria upon which the GPCA bases awarding its campaign fund support. How does your campaign relate to them?

SN- I will simply say this, while I do not know what other candidates are running on, I do know that the campaign will be powerful, controversial and will hopefully make impact with new and old bases of the Green Party.

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Blog For The Fresno Green Party
On December 5, 2015 The Fresno Green Party wrote:
Stein Arrives In Paris For Climate Talks, Calls For US To Lead EmergeJncy Action Ending Dependence On Fossil Fuels By 2030.
For Immediate Release: December 5th, 2015

(PARIS)  Dr. Jill Stein, 2012 Green Party Presidential nominee, arrived in Paris today as part of a growing Green Party presence at the UN COP21 climate conference.  While in Paris Stein will be calling on world leaders to "Act urgently to save humanity from the looming catastrophe of climate change."

According to Stein, "Climate change is the greatest threat humanity has ever faced.  A 0.9 degree global temperature increase is already responsible for monster storms, catastrophic droughts, melting of glaciers, rising sea levels, and spread of tropical diseases.  But this is just a taste of what we are in for if warming reaches 2 degrees.  Beyond that point, we are in uncharted waters."

"The nations of the world deserve a solution as big as the crisis bearing down on us -- not half measures or politically expedient non-solutions."

With reference to COP21, Stein noted that "COP has failed in its original intention to fashion a binding science-based international treaty that would keep global warming below 2 degrees.  I am sad to say that my own country, the United States, contributed in a fundamental way to undermining this critical effort."

"We are now seeing a hodge-podge of voluntary pledges that adhere to no clear standards and have no mechanisms for enforcement.  Analysts have estimated that even if implemented, these plans will result in an alarming 3.5 degree rise in global temperature.  And due to the lack of binding commitments,  it is highly unlikely that they will be fully implemented. It is time for the people of the world whose lives are at risk to rise up and say that the risk this poses is simply not acceptable."

On Tuesday, Dr. Stein will speak alongside China’s chief climate negotiator, the President of Iceland and noted climate advocates at the Belong Forum being held in conjunction with COP21.

Stein is expected to call for a refocusing of US energy policy,  ending the Obama Administration's promotion of hydro-fracking, offshore oil production, and fossil fuel subsidies.  In contrast, Stein is calling for an emergency "Green New Deal" to create 20 million green jobs and achieve 100% clean renewable energy by 2030.

While in Paris, Dr. Stein will confer with Green Party members of parliament Caroline Lucas of the United Kingdom, Elizabeth May of Canada and Kennedy Graham of New Zealand. She will also meet with key global climate justice organizers and speak at two forums organized by non-government organizations.

"The era of fossil fuels must be brought to an end without delay," Stein says. "Building a carbon free economy will not only save billions of people from the ravages of climate change, it will deliver enormous health benefits from cleaner air, cleaner water, and healthier food supplies.  We know how to do this.  We can do this.  And we must do this because the consequence of failure are unthinkable."

Stein is currently seeking the Green Party nomination for President of the United States, and hopes to bring her call for climate action into the 2016 presidential debates.

Contact: Joel Peissig | Communication Director
[c] 1. 213. 514. 8989 [e]

Additional resources for Media:

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Blog For The Fresno Green Party
On November 28, 2015 The Fresno Green Party wrote:
Immigration policies should be based strongly on human rights. Properly devised immigrant work policies can be of economic benefit to the worker and the host nation.
In California, discussions of immigration mostly center on the Latino population that moves across the U.S - Mexican border. Xenophobic responses, typified by Proposition 187, claimed we "are suffering economic hardship by the presence of illegal aliens..." To the contrary, numerous studies show that immigrants, both documented and undocumented, contribute greatly to the U.S. economy. It has been proven that immigrants stimulate local economies, create jobs, and pay far more in taxes than they receive in government benefits.

Reactionary allegations are popularized to divert discussions away from underlying causes of U.S. economic erosion, such as the permanent decline of labor-intensive jobs and the widening gap between rich and poor. Both of these conditions are caused by depressed wages and working conditions; the destruction of governmental protections that keep labor unions viable; promoting trade agreements such as the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA); and the creation of the World Trade Organization (WTO) which result in exporting manufacturing jobs.

At the same time, global issues such as deterioration of natural resources and the economic and social devastation of Third World Nations by the predatory economic policies of the United States and other developed countries, multinational corporations, WTO, International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank, and international trade agreements such as NAFTA and CAFTA which serve to drive down commodity prices and to create huge economic debt with huge interest payments are ignored as contributors o human migration. The pressure of some 1.3 million Mexican farm families that have been driven off their land by the combination of NAFTA and the U.S. government subsidies to agribusiness giants has also contributed to immigration.

Discussions of immigration among politicians are currently limited to enforcement against undocumented immigrants and building a massive wall on the U.S-Mexican border, or restarting a guest worker program. The reactionary response to illegal immigration has resulted in an effort to thwart the entry of undocumented immigrants by attempting to deprive them of a living wage; cut them off from medical care, education and other public services; and deprive them of civil and human rights guaranteed to all persons residing in the US.

Building walls will not stop illegal immigration. People are creative and will find both legal and illegal means to cross the California-Mexico or any border. The most effective tool would be to support the creation of an international labor union establishing enforceable policies including living wage, good working conditions, health benefits, disability insurance, and worker's compensation benefits.
• The Green Party is opposed to the creation of a Guest Worker Program as it creates a permanent class of residents who are here for labor, but who are permanently barred from becoming citizens, voting, and unionizing. The Green Party supports these policies (as advocated by Cesar Chavez) that seek to integrate, rather than alienate, immigrant labor:
• We should acknowledge and celebrate the influence of diverse cultures in the mosaic that is the unique California culture
International borders should be recognized as areas of bi-national interdependence. International border areas should be authentic fair-trade zones where people are free to travel across borders for work, shopping or recreation.
• Barrier walls between countries are ineffective. Thus, walls along the U.S-Mexican border should be destroyed and their construction should be halted
• Reduce the private and public militarization of the U.S.-Mexican border
The Green Party supports the creation of a multinational labor union that establishes consistent policies in each country to ensure a living wage, health benefits and safe working conditions.
The Green Party supports the principles of "fair" trade, rather than "free" trade. Therefore, we support the renegotiation of: international trade agreements such as CAFTA and NAFTA and the WTO; the policies of the IMF, World Bank and other international banking institutions; and the terms and conditions of contracts with multinational corporations; and cancellation of the crushing international debt for highly indebted poor countries.
 All immigrant workers in the U.S., legal or not, must be subject to U.S. wage, tax and labor laws including workplace health and safety standards as well as worker's compensation, disability and unemployment insurance benefits. Programs involving temporary worker status must include the option of permanent residency for immigrants already in the U.S.
 Legalization programs to provide immigrants with the ability to obtain Permanent Residency status should provide information on entry outlining the legalization process timeline and should be fair, simplified, transparent, affordable, and attainable by at most 5 years after entry. Immediate and full legalization should be offered for all immigrants and their families currently resident within the United States.
 Immigration quotas based on race, class and ideology should be abandoned for immigration policies that promote fairness, non-discrimination and family reunification. The law must allow immigration for reasons of political exile and refugee status.
 Laws that exclude Mexicans should be repealed.
The Green Party supports policies that restore and guarantee basic human rights to all persons residing in the United States. All human rights must apply to all races and ethnicities equally. Taxation without representation must not exist:
 We oppose the continuing legislative trend of reducing and/or denying services that are available to citizens and legal immigrants.
 We advocate voting rights for permanent residents, as was the law prior to World War.
 All immigrants, regardless of status, have the right to receive medical care, education, housing and access to all available public benefits and services.
 Interpreters should be available in emergency rooms, hospitals, and health care clinics.
 All immigrants, regardless of status have the right to apply for a driver's license without immigration status notification or restriction.
 Racial profiling should be ended. The rights of all races and ethnicities in California should be all equal human rights.
The Green Party supports policies that restore and guarantee the civil rights provided for under the Constitution of the United States, which specifically states that the rights apply to all persons residing in the United States. All civil rights must apply to all races and ethnicities equally. There must be no apartheid:
 All immigrants, regardless of status, have 1st amendment rights of freedom of speech, and the freedom of assembly and association.
 For all civil and criminal hearings, all immigrants have due process rights to be informed of the charges brought against them, to confront their accusers, to have competent legal representation and to have a speedy trial. All immigrants have the right to free interpreter assistance for all legal proceedings. These rights must also apply to the deportation internment and hearing process.
 The use of force or torture or other means to compel testimony against one another, or to obtain confessions must be banned.
 All immigrants have the right to be secure in their houses, and protected against unreasonable search and seizure.
 All immigrants must be protected against arbitrary arrest or detention based on racial or cultural profiling.
 All immigrants have the right to be protected against intimidation by public officials or private individuals. Enforcement of immigration laws is the responsibility of the Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE). Requiring local law enforcement agencies to serve as adjunct immigration agents of the Federal Immigration and Custom Enforcement agency must be banned.

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On November 23, 2015 The Fresno Green Party wrote:
Currently the Green Party of the US's Steering Committee (SC)is currently deliberating the budget for 2016. Therefore, it seems opportune to raise the issue of sustaining fundraising with you and everyone who cares.

I'm happy to report that now every member of the SC is a sustaining donor. Our fundraising team is making some great strides, but as it turns out, not everyone is a sustaining donor to Green Party of the United States (GPUS)

The truth is that the fundraising team is facing some stark realities as races to catch up to our goals.  WOULD YOU CONSIDER SIGNING UP AS A

Myself, I cannot afford a lot of money and I'm only donating $5 a month to the party.  Would you each please commit to at least $5 or $10 a month today?

Here's the link:

Become an active part of Fresno County Green Party be the difference toward a better world.  We need everyone.  Contact me..

Thank you!
Richard Gomez
Fresno County Council

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Blog For The Fresno Green Party
On November 12, 2015 The Fresno Green Party wrote:
Green Party Of The United States Endorses Proposed Resolution Of The American Anthropological Association For Israel Boycott.

For Immediate Release: Tuesday, November 10, 2015
This release is online at

Scott McLarty, Media Coordinator, 202-904-7614,
Starlene Rankin, Media Coordinator,

Green Party endorses proposed resolution of the American Anthropological Association for Israel boycott

Greens join AAA in condemning Israeli government's violation of Palestinians' education rights, urge other academic groups to pass similar resolutions

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Green Party of the United States is expressing support for a proposed resolution of the American Anthropological Association (AAA) urging a boycott of Israeli academic institutions, and encouraging other academic groups to pass similar resolutions as part of the effort to secure peace, human rights, and equality in Israel-Palestine.

The Green Party joined Jewish Voice for Peace and other organizations in supporting the resolution, which the AAA will consider at its annual meeting in Denver on Nov. 20 (

In 2005, in response to a call by Palestinian civil society for international boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) against Israel, the Green Party formally endorsed BDS and incorporated it into the party's national platform (

"The Green Party supports BDS as a nonviolent tactic to end decades of Palestinian dispossession by Israel," said Bahram Zandi, co-chair of the Green Party and co-chair of the party's International Committee. "We know that BDS works -- it helped bring an end to apartheid in South Africa."

"The Israeli government, with unequivocal political, financial, and military support from the U.S., continues to violate Palestinian human rights. It refuses to end the military occupation and ongoing colonization of the West Bank and East Jerusalem and apartheid-like conditions for non-Jews in Israel and the occupied Palestinian Territories. International civil society must step in to press for an end to these injustices," said Mr. Zandi.

Greens praised the AAA resolution for condemning Israel's violation of Palestinians' right to education, including arbitrary closings of Palestinian universities, harassment of Palestinian academics and school children, and obstructing Palestinians from traveling to work and studying at their own universities or abroad.

"By addressing the appalling violation of Palestinians' education rights, the AAA resolution targets a central feature in sustaining and enlivening any culture. Along with confiscating Palestinian lands, Israel's assault on such rights suggests an ongoing intention to rid Israel-Palestine of a viable Palestinian community. The proposed resolution reflects a long-standing concern of anthropologists for the survival of native peoples," said Justine McCabe, anthropologist, clinical psychologist, and member of the Green Party's International and Platform committees.

Dr. McCabe is author of "One Democratic State: A Green Solution to the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict," published in Green Horizon Magazine (Spring-Summer 2012,

Greens said that the AAA resolution and similar statements are especially important in response to efforts within the U.S. to censor open discussion of Israel-Palestine at colleges and universities, label Israel's critics "antisemitic," and bar organizing on campus for BDS and Palestinian rights. Greens noted similar attempts to outlaw criticism of Israel in other western countries as well as Israel itself.

Nonviolence has been a key value of the Green Party since it was founded. Greens support efforts by Israeli and Palestinian organizations for a peaceful resolution of the Israel-Palestine conflict. The Green Party endorses universal enforcement of human rights and strongly condemns all violence and threats of violence against unarmed civilians, regardless of side, as well as vandalism of mosques, synagogues, and businesses owned by Muslims and Jews.

See also:

Greens, Calling for Palestinian Rights, Urge Divestment from Israel
Press release: Green Party of the United States, November 28, 2005

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Blog For The Fresno Green Party
On November 9, 2015 The Fresno Green Party wrote:
CA Green Party Gets Its Own Election Code Into Law.
Tuesday, October 13, 2015

On October 10th, California Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 477 into law, placing a Green Party section into the California state Elections Code for the first time.

Previously the Green Party operated under the Elections code of the Peace & Freedom Party. Under state law, when a political party qualifies for the ballot in California, it must choose to operate under the Elections Code of another ballot qualified party, until it can get its own section approved by the legislature and signed into law.  When it qualified for the ballot in 1992, the GPCA chose the elections code of the Peace & Freedom Party.

The Elections Code for each party addresses two topics: Presidential Primaries and Party structure.

In the new Green Party section for Presidential Primaries, the process for designating delegates to the Green Party national presidential convention would not be placed in the Elections Code, as it has been for the Peace & Freedom Party. Instead the Code would reference the GPCA's Bylaws and its Rules and Procedures as the source. This would give the GPCA greater freedom to make future amendments, without having to return to the legislature.

6863.5. National convention delegates shall be selected as provided for in the bylaws and the rules and procedures of the Green Party and pursuant to the rules of the national political party with which the Green Party is affiliated.

The code also reference how the number of delegates are established:

6863. The number of delegates to be selected following the presidential preference primary shall be the number established by the national political party with which the Green Party is affiliated.

And that the Green presidential electors shall be gender-balanced

6864. In each year of the general election at which electors of President and Vice President of the United States are to be chosen, the Green Party shall also nominate as the candidates of its party as many electors of President and Vice President of the United States as the state is then entitled, 50 percent of whom shall be women and 50 percent men, unless an odd number of electors is to be chosen, in which case the difference between the number of women and men shall be not more than one elector.

The code further retains the practice where the Secretary of State solicits input from the Green Party on which candidates should appear on the Green Party presidential preference primary ballot

6851.5. On or before the 150th day preceding a presidential primary election, the Secretary of State shall send a letter by first-class mail to the Green Party Liaison to the Secretary of State informing her or him that, while a response is not required, any information she or he wishes to submit will be considered by the Secretary of State in the determination of candidates to be placed on the Green Party presidential preference primary ballot pursuant to Section 6851.

For party structure, existing law authorizes the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, the American Independent Party, and the Peace and Freedom Party to each elect county central committee. Existing law also establishes state central committees for each of these parties as well. What other parties call county central committees, the Green Party calls "County Councils", and this is reflected in the code. The governing body of the party on the county level, County Councils are elected by registered Greens in the presidential primary every four years.

A maximum and minimum number of seats per County Council district is be placed in the Elections Code to guarantee that the GPCA could not decide to place a large, unreasonable number of seats on the ballot. Otherwise within this range, the number of seats in each county would be established in the GPCA bylaws, again giving the party flexibility without having to return to the legislature.

7903. The number of members of the county council to be elected in a county shall be a minimum of three and a maximum of 50 and the process in which each county’s number shall be calculated shall be defined in the Green Party’s bylaws.

The Elections Code also provides a range of sub-county districts from which local County Councils could choose to conduct their election - especially applicable in the more populated counties.

7911. Members of county councils shall be elected from one or more multi-member districts. Multi-member districts shall conform to the county boundaries or recognized jurisdictional boundaries of Congressional, State Assembly, State Senate, or Supervisorial districts within that county, in accordance with state Green Party bylaws and county Green Party.

To make it easier to gain the required number of nomination signatures to run for County Council, this clause allows a petition to include as many candidates as there are available seats, rather than having to have separate petitions for each candidate.

7918. Notwithstanding any other provision of this code, each sponsor is entitled to sponsor as many candidates as there are seats in the district. Candidate names listed on a single sponsor’s certificate, and the signatures on the certificate shall count toward the sponsor requirement of each and every candidate whose name is listed on the certificate. The number of candidates having their names on a sponsor’s certificate shall not exceed the number of members of a county council to be elected in the district.

An interesting aspect is the ability to appoint non-citizens to County Councils.

7905. ...Appointment of other persons who cannot register to vote shall be allowed under certain circumstances as described in state Green Party bylaws and any applicable county Green Party bylaws.

The role of the state party's Coordinating Committee, an integral part of the GPCA since 1990, is also ensconced into the elections code section.

7924.  The members of the state coordinating committee shall be elected as provided in the Green Party bylaws and shall have the responsibilities described in those bylaws.

7927.  (a) The state coordinating committee shall have the authority to certify, as provided by Green Party bylaws, county council members in the following counties: (1) Counties where no county council candidates qualified for the ballot in the preceding presidential primary election.; and (2) Counties where all members of the county council have become disqualified from holding office.

Origins of the Green Party of California Elections Code

When the Green Party of California (GPCA) qualified for the ballot in January 1992, it chose the elections code of the Peace & Freedom Party. At the same time it also won the right in the courts to have None of the Above (NOTA) in its party primaries, along other electoral reforms that sought to embody Green values in the electoral process and the party's structure ( However the GPCA lost NOTA upon appeal in 1995 in Green Party v. Jones (
Today's GPCA elections code grew out of an internal GPCA drafting process between 1999 and 2006 ( Afterwards the GPCA was not able to find a legislative sponsor for the bill for some time, because the draft Green Party text contained sections mandating the use of ranked choice voting and none of the above in party primary and county council elections. These sections made it unlikely for a legislator to sponsor, because if it were allowed for the Green Party it could be allowed for the other ballot qualified parties, and that was a controversy for those parties no legislator was interested in initiating. Then with ranked choice voting, there was no statewide equipment certified to run ranked choice voting elections, and a section of the code would not be written without the ability for it to be carried out in practice.
After consultations with staff from the State Assembly Elections Committee and Speaker's Office of Member Services, a draft text without controversial context was created and approved by the GPCA's General Assembly in May 2012. That text was resubmitted to the State Senate Elections Committee in 2015, where it ultimately became part of AB 477.

The GPCA expresses its great thanks to Senator Kevin Mullin for adding the Green Party Elections Code section to his bill AB 477, and to Senator Ben Allen for his support as State Senate Elections Committee chair.

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Blog For The Fresno Green Party
On November 7, 2015 The Fresno Green Party wrote:
Green Party Local Election Results Include Several Wins In California Nov. 3 General Election.
Friday, November 6, 2015
This release is online at

Contacts:Scott McLarty, Media Coordinator, 202-904-7614,  Starlene Rankin, Media Coordinator,

Green Party local election results include several wins in California and Connecticut on Nov. 3

• 10 Green victories out of 12 in California; Francisco Herrera places second in his run for Mayor of San Francisco

• 2015 Green election results:

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Green Party celebrated several local wins in the Tuesday's general election, with ten Green victories out of 12 in California and five out of 14 in Connecticut.

Francisco Herrera, in his run for Mayor of San Francisco (, took second place with 31.1% in a ranked choice vote.

At least 100 Green candidates competed throughout the U.S. in the November 3, 2015 general election. For a list of results, see the party's 2015 election page ( and Facebook page (

So far, at least 18 out of 93 Greens candidates are known to have won on Nov. 3 and 10 out 18 won in races earlier in 2015. (The Green Party is still awaiting news about some results.) 21 Green candidates received 20% or more in their races. Overall, at least 28 out of 112 Greens were elected throughout 2015, all to local offices.

The list of Connecticut victories includes Mirna Martinez's reelection to the New London Board of Education (

Among the victors in California is Marnie Glickman, a former co-chair of the Green Party of the United States, in her race for Dixie School Board in Marin County ( California Greens won five school board races and now have 26 on school boards in their state. (List of California Green election results:

In other school board races, Wendy Hageman Smith will be seated in Appromattox, Virginia, and Holly Seeliger was reelected in Portland, Maine. Both ran unopposed.

In city council races, Jay Sweeney was reelected to his seat as Fall Township Auditor in Pennsylvania with 98% of the vote.

Green incumbent Renee Goddard was reelected to the Fairfax (Marin County) Town Council in California. Ms. Goddard rejoins fellow Green John Reed on the five-member Council, where Greens have held at least two seats on the five-member Town Council since 2003, with a majority between 2009 and 2013.

Two Black Lives Matter activists ran strong Green campaigns in St. Paul, Minnesota, that drew national Green enthusiasm: Trahern King Ausar for City Council and Rashad Turner for School Board. Neither were elected, but Green Party leaders expressed hope that they will run again.

Howie Hawkins, whose run for governor in 2014 gave the Green Party ballot access in New York, placed second with 35% of the vote for City Auditor in Syracuse, in another race watched closely by Greens.

The Green Party supports legalization of marijuana but opposed an Ohio amendment that would have granted a small group of investors exclusive rights to grow plants for commercial use. The ballot measure failed. See "Ohio Green Party opposes 'Better for Ohio' and 'Responsible Ohio marijuana proposals" (May 29, 2015, and "Ohio Green Party congratulates local activists for efforts regarding marijuana decriminalization"
   (July 27,2015),

Green Party leaders congratulated voters in Kent, Ohio, for passing Issue 43, which called for a constitutional amendment to end corporate person-hood and abolish the legal definition of money as free speech, as well as establishment of an annual "Democracy Day" public hearing for residents to testify on the effect of big contributions from corporations and the wealthy on elections. Kent is the seventh Ohio community to have passed a citizen-driven ballot initiative of this kind. City Councils in ten other communities have passed resolutions calling for the same amendment.

Greens also thanked Seattle voters for passing I-122 ("Honest Elections Seattle") with a 60% majority. The initiative provides for publicly financed elections, bars businesses that do more than $250,000 in business per year with the city from contributing to local political campaigns, and bans contributions from corporations that put more than $5,000 per year into lobbying elected officials. It grants $100 in "Democracy Vouchers" for each Seattle voter, offsetting corporate influence on elections.

State and local Green Parties across the U.S. are preparing to run candidates in hundreds of races for public office in 2016, as well as choose a Green presidential nominee. If you are interested in a local office's in Fresno County, please contact me, Richard Gomez (

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Blog For The Fresno Green Party
On October 29, 2015 The Fresno Green Party wrote:
HELP Jill Stein Get On The Ballot In 3 Important States!
I’ll keep this short: our drive to get on state ballots across the country is beginning, and I need your help!

The campaign is gearing up to start gathering ballot access signatures in Alabama, Kansas, and Idaho.

We need to raise $7,500 to cover the costs of organizing and petitioning in these 3 states. Can you pitch in now to help us get there?

Just to give you some perspective, getting on the ballot in Alabama, Kansas, and Idaho will give nearly 10 million more people the choice of voting for our campaign.

Almost 5 million of those are in Alabama, where I wasn’t on the ballot in 2012. Winning ballot access in Alabama would be an inspiring demonstration of how our movement is gaining momentum!

Will you give today to help me get on the ballot in 3 more states - and reach nearly 10 million more people?

Please help me kick off our ballot access drive with a resounding victory. By getting on state ballots across the country, we can reach millions of new voters with our message of people, planet and peace over profit.

It’s in our hands!

Jill Stein

P.S. Once we qualify for federal matching funds, anything you give up to the first $250 will be doubled by matching funds. Please consider maximizing your impact with a $250 contribution today!

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Blog For The Fresno Green Party
On October 25, 2015 The Fresno Green Party wrote:
Testimony Of Carl J. Romanelli
Carl J. Romanelli spoke to to the Pennsylvania Senate State Government Committee regarding the rights of the Green Party and other 3rd party organization to be allowed access to be on the ballot in Pennsylvania elections.

Thank you to Senators Folmer and Williams for convening this very important committee hearing. My name is Carl Romanelli. I serve the Green Party in various capacities from the local level to the international. I am a past chairperson of the Pennsylvania Green Party, a former Green Party candidate for US Senate and I’ve been a litigant, both personally and in my role as a party chair; in cases against the Commonwealth[of Pennsylvania]regarding the treatment of third party candidates in Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Green Party fully endorses SB 495 and encourages support of it from this committee and this chamber. In a recent Federal District Court decision, Judge Lawrence Stengel found that Pennsylvania’s practice of requiring a disproportionately larger number of voter signatures, in combination with the state’s challenge system; is unconstitutional, further showing the need for new legislation regarding access to the Pennsylvania ballot. It is also rational to assume that the protections guaranteed to Americans under the US Constitution and those defined in the Pennsylvania Constitution would also inspire movement in support of the proposed Voter Choice Act.

During the past decade we have witnessed Pennsylvania earn the dubious distinction of being the most difficult state in the US to obtain ballot access outside of the Democratic and Republican parties. This de-evolution occurred without any legislative initiative of formal change in the law. Rather it occurred due to blatant assistance of all three levels of Pennsylvania government. Governor Wolf has chosen to appeal the aforementioned federal court case concerning the treatment of third parties. The court decision provided the Executive branch with an opportunity to set administrative guidelines in response, yet it failed to do so. Opposition to reform of ballot access from Governor Wolf should be no surprise, since as a candidate Mr. Wolf made clear he opposed any change third party and independent access in Pennsylvania. As a matter of fact, the only Democratic gubernatorial candidate in a crowded field to voice any concern on this issue was John Hanger.

In the General Assembly we were exposed to flagrant partisan behavior that even crossed the line of legality. It was learned through the Grand Jury Presentment of July, 2008 that the challenges against my candidacy in 2006, and in Ralph Nader’s of 2004, that these challenges were prepared using employees of the Pennsylvania House Democratic Caucus; on state time receiving state paychecks, in state offices, using state resources and participating employees being given tax payer funded “merit” bonuses. Despite convictions and guilty pleas to charges of conflict, theft and conspiracy; to date not so much as a symbolic resolution has been passed in the General Assembly apologizing and promising to never again do this to the citizens of our Commonwealth. Passage of 495 would be a powerful gesture toward reversing the shame the bonus gate scandal has cast upon the General Assembly.

To me, the most disturbing failure is that of the judiciary. Through its allowance of frivolous challenges and aiding every request of the old party challengers, the courts have perverted the very spirit of the law concerning challenges. The standard of challenging nomination papers is designed to place the burden on challengers to demonstrate, specifically, where a paper is flawed, and why it is flawed. At impasse, the benefit of the doubt was always to be in favor of the signer’s right to speech and to insure there is no inadvertent disenfranchising of Pennsylvania citizens. Since 2004 such standards and protections have been swept away. Nowadays, the signer of a nomination paper is held to a significantly higher standard than are challengers and their attorneys. Such practice has resulted in an official oppression of any targeted independent or third party candidate by the very institutions that are supposed to protect us. Even when compelling and extraordinary evidence is brought before state courts, citizens are not heard, but partisan interests are carried out to every detail. This is certainly not the impartial judiciary we Americans have come to expect.

My own journey into Green politics is a unique story and its origin goes way back into my own history. Since I was a child I had always dreamed of one day being a senator. Never did I hold aspirations to be a president or a governor, but rather a legislator. Through such deliberation one can truly affect policy and be a voice for change, when such change may be warranted. Like many of our childhood dreams, I too felt mine had to take a back seat to my responsibilities as a spouse, father and student. Having to work full time and support a family is one’s first responsibility, so many dreams are moved aside. However, I was fortunate enough to be in a position to revisit such ideals when my sons were grown. Further, outrage at what I saw as unacceptable intervention on the part of the US Supreme Court in the Bush v. Gore matter inspired even more motivation. In early 2001 I retired from my very comfortable position with the Luzerne County Court in order to help build an alternative to the Republican and Democratic Parties. This was done not with the expectation of winning a US Senate seat, but rather running for the seat. Such a candidacy, I reasoned, would allow for discourse on the issues of our time from a perspective missing in the current politic of the day.

2006 was an historic year in third party signature requirement. While Democrats and Republicans needed the standard 2,000 voter signatures to be ballot qualified, my requirement was 67,070. Proudly, I was able to file a package of nomination papers containing the signatures of 94,544 voters. It was an amount larger than the filing of any candidate, from any party, in the history of Pennsylvania elections. Also, the filing was carefully reviewed to assure any visibly invalid signatures had been crossed off, or not even submitted. As a retired officer of the court it was important to me that our package hold the utmost of integrity, and I took my responsibility to file in proper conformity to the requirements of the commonwealth, despite my opinions of the fairness of such a difficult standard. What followed can only be described as pure torture. Upon having more than 70,000 of our signatures challenged, the Greens were required to have 9 volunteers in Harrisburg, from 9am to 4pm, Monday through Friday for about 6 weeks to review all of these challenged signatures. In October of 2006 I was removed from the ballot, and for the pleasure of such abuse the court imposed more than $80,000.00 in legal fees and costs against me. Needless to say, the experience left me outraged and traumatized.

In subsequent years we have seen various third party and independent candidates withdraw from the ballot, rather than face the threat of life ruining fees being assessed on them. We have seen many retreat from the very notion of being a candidate due to such threats. The bill under consideration here has been around for at least three previous sessions of the General Assembly, yet today’s hearing is the first ever held. This body has an opportunity to do something great for Pennsylvania, and for what it means to be a Senator and an American. However, understand that my hope for such reform is not very high. Past behavior and practices seems to indicate this body has no concerns for values contained in this testimony. There seems to be even less resolve for action. Yet, I do understand that this is a wonderful opportunity for the Pennsylvania Senate to do something amazing, because it is the right thing to do, rather than because of a material or strategic gain. I challenge you all to dare to do great things, because as Senators you can really do so. I challenge you to follow the lead set by Senator Mike Folmer and be senators, not politicians. Thank you all for allowing me this brief, yet important, opportunity.

- See more at:

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