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On July 9, 2015 The Fresno Green Party wrote:
Blasting Bernie Vs. Building The Green Party
by Scott McLarty.

It's not useful for Greens to make Sanders himself the focus of criticism -- even when the criticisms are valid. Overall, Sanders is quite progressive and, with some exceptions, his positions on big issues either overlap with Green Party positions or come relatively close.

The real Green challenge to Sanders supporters should be: What will you do if Bernie loses in the primaries?

At best, he has only a small chance of gaining the nomination, judging from the polls (he's behind Clinton by 43 percentage points) and the clout of pro-Hillary super-delegates at the Dem convention. If Sanders loses to Clinton, will "We need a political revolution" turn into "We must vote for the lesser evil"?

Greens will not persuade Sanders supporters to abandon their candidate. That train has already left the station.

At worst, trying to tear down Sanders will backfire. A lot of Greens seem to believe that outreach is a matter of winning political debates. They think "If we just keep listing Bernie's shortcomings, his supporters will come over and join the Green Party."

The Green Party will lose potential post-primary supporters if we pursue this kind of tone-deaf approach. ("I've decided to vote for Hillary because Greens insulted me for supporting Bernie.")

There are some sharp differences between Bernie Sanders and the Green Party, but Sanders himself isn't the enemy. The enemy is a political status quo that obstructs both Sanders and the Green Party.

Instead of blasting Bernie, Greens should be preparing to turn the Great Disappointment of 2016 into a Green Epiphany: It's no longer reasonable to expect change to come from the Dems. Bernie Sanders' defeat is the last straw. The Democratic Party is sliding to the right and will never allow a genuine progressive to capture the nomination or exert influence within the party (as the Jesse Jackson and Dennis Kucinich campaigns proved in previous election years.) Real political revolution can only come from outside of the two corporate-money parties. The Green Party is imperative for the 21st century.

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On July 9, 2015 The Fresno Green Party wrote:
To The Commission On Presidential Debates 2016.
July 9th 2015.- I would like to share with you what I wrote as part of the Public Comment period that ended on July 10th to the Commission on Presidential Debates that is contemplating opening the presidential Debates of 2016 to more than the usual Democratic and Republican nominees.

I ask that the Commission on Presidential Debates to open the debates to all qualified candidates for the office of President of the United States.  Qualification should be based on the ability to be on enough state ballots if won, will give them sufficient Electoral College votes to win.  For too long the voters of the United States have been denied the right to fully know all candidates running for this office.  Now is the time to give the vote back to the people.  Give the right to vote for who they want and not the under done left-overs chosen by the lobbyist and political leadership that hides behind curtains.  Why do these power brokers do this?  When a man may acquire all there is to want by sacrificing his soul, our democracy, and his humanity then there is no hope nor good that can freely exist.

On so many levels technology has outpaced these human conditions, not unlike the Medieval churches of Europe that stressed social control by an imposed right or wrong.  The United States is much bigger than 2 sides of an old coin. Locally a TV reporter once told me that it was the responsibility of the media to protect American from voting an idiot into an important political office.  The verdict is in:
Now we are up to a Republican Clown Car vs. the twin sister of Dr. Evil or the Peter Pan of Vermont. Houston we have a problem!

Here in the Central Valley of CA the Southern Law Poverty Center noted that there were over 30 different kinds of Aryan-type hate groups exiting in the rural areas with some condemning a wider diversification of different people that others.  If hate groups like these are unable to agree upon whom to hate then how can we be expected to believe that the American voters can be of 2 questionable mindset; Democratic and Republican?

Today the United States has the ability to allow the voters a greater opportunity in choosing its President to open the doors and enlighten the voters to choices.  There are those who may say that too much knowledge is dangerous for the voters and it may confuse them but worry not for what information that does not kill them will only make them stronger.  The Commission should have opened up the debates a long time ago for we should now be reaping the rewards of knowledge and wisdom instead of this continually shucking and re-shucking the dried husk of celebrity-ism.  Well maybe that is great for Hugh Hefner.

Oh how wonderful it would be to join the ranks of other democracies in the world that have much more open and honest contests for political offices. Like the end of a drought, voters will seep out and swell up from the ground to vote for actual people and not the commercial generated pop-up images that our eyes are drenched in its sugary-coated slime.

Please, all we are asking is give people a chance and open the Debates to ALL QUALIFIED CANDIDATES.  Let freedom ring for all and the world will become a better place.

Richard Gomez
Fresno, CA

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