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On July 31, 2014 The Fresno Green Party wrote:
NY Times Headline Of July 22, 2014
I want to call attention to the NY Times headline yesterday, July 22:
"Israel is Facing Difficult Choice in Gaza Conflict; More Civilian
Deaths or Letting Enemy Live to Fight Again". -- This is journalism at
its worst, to say the least. Please try to read the entire article,
which mentions the 550 Gazan casualties vs. the 25 Israeli soldiers
killed, so far. Jodi Rudoren, the writer, makes stabs at balanced
journalism, but fails because of all the lies the article promotes. The
article, like other media, is putting an "terrorist spin" on the
situation, as it attempts to justify Israeli attacks as part of their
mission to uncover secret terrorist organizations' tunnels in Gaza.

See you on Friday,August 1, 8:00-9:00 pm., Candlelight Vigil at River Park (corner Blackstone & Nees) Reading of names of those killed in Gaza. Please bring candles. Many people will make a powerful visual testimonial to the over 1000 deaths in Gaza since July 8.

Cherylyn Smith
Fresno Greens

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On July 6, 2014 The Fresno Green Party wrote:
Demands Place On Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer! By Ralfy.

Attached is the list of demands we placed on Dyer, Rudd and Rick RAsmussen, the city of Fresno Office of Independent Review (OIR)who are suppose to get back to us after reviewing.

Dyer wanted to know why not request why the word..demand...because we are taxpayers and demanding equal protection

I want to thank everyone who for the past two weeks has supported the rally's & protest at city hall. As you know some of us met with Dyer, the city manager & the Office of Independent Review. It was a long meeting and we actually controlled the agenda allowing us to put questions to Dyer and stopping him or others who tried to talk over or down at us. I was proud of the mothers who spoke including
Seņora Figueroa who brought the meeting to a dead silence when she told Dyer directly in his face that she will always regret calling the cops thinking they'd help her son only to see them kill her boy.

We will inform everyone interested on the details at our meeting Friday but I did think you should know the following:

1) Cops will be wearing cameras on them that they will not be able to turn off & on when they please. There's both cons & pros to this but we should discuss it further at our meeting.

2) the police auditor actually wants to investigate more but it was clear that Dyer is not crazy about giving him more powers to investigate cops. We probably want to push this politically with our allies, and

3) Dyer agreed that the last shooting was way too much & admitted he has questions. This won't bring anyone who's died back but it indicates that we are on the right track when we call out cops for excessive force.

A follow up meeting may take place as they review our demands & we are not sure what they will agree to but we will keep you all posted.

Thanks everyone.


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