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On December 22, 2014 The Fresno Green Party wrote:
Green Party Latino Caucus Of The U.S. Bylaws.
Our current roadblock is the method to vote on a By-Law for the Latin Caucus of the Green party.  This below is the last issue that people are asked to comment on, some corrections have been underlined, to make it better.  Once voted by Caucus members it will be presented to the National Delegates to vote for approval.  If approved then we have an officila caucus.

Ratified (date & where)
1. Purpose:
1.1. The Latino Caucus exists to give Latinos a strong voice in party affairs and to encourage Latinos to participate in all levels of electoral politics.
1.2. The Latino Caucus exists to encourage Latinos to join and participate in the Green Party of the US (GPUS). Latinos are the fastest fast growing block of US voters but most do not know what the GPUS is or that they are welcome. The party must reach out to them, offering them a real voice in the party and opportunities to participate in local, regional, and national politics.
2. Principals:
2.1. We will use the Ten Key Values of The GPUS as guiding principles.
2.2. We will use the platform of the GPUS to guide our actions and will help to shape it.
2.3. We will support national candidates selected at GPUS nominating conventions.
2.4. Latino Caucus membership goals include diversity and inclusion representing different genders, sexual orientations, states, and origins. (define states; or do you mean status)
3. Steering Committee
3.1. The Latino Caucus Steering Committee has eight members. Half are elected each year. In the first election, half the seats will expire in four years with the other half to expire in two years.
3.2. The Latino Caucus Steering Committee has four co-chairs, one secretary, one treasurer, one Green Party National Committee (NC) Delegate, and one NC Alternate Delegate elected by the Latino Caucus Steering Committee. A co-chair of the committee can assume the duties of an unfilled or vacant position
3.3. The highest vote getter for NC Delegate will be the NC Delegate with the second highest vote getter will be the Alternate NC Delegate.
4. Latino Caucus Steering Committee Decisions
4.1. Consensus: The Latino Caucus Steering Committee will aim for consensus with choices being “agree,” “stand-aside,” “block” or “abstain”. At least one “agree” vote is required for the Latino Caucus Steering Committee to pass a proposal. A summary of reservations is recorded with the vote in the Latino Caucus Steering Committee minutes.
4.2.Voting: Decisions not able to pass in consensus (when a “block” vote  is placed or if no “agree” vote is cast) will proceed to a voting phase  for a yes/no vote. A proposal must receive a majority vote (greater than 50%) to pass. (majority is 50% +1)
4.3. The consensus and voting phases shall be no more than seven days each.
5. Committees
5.1. The Latino Caucus Steering Committee can create and dissolve Latino Caucus committees and appoint or remove members of these committees.
5.2. Committees are accountable to the Latino Caucus Steering Committee and must have a Latino Caucus Steering Committee member designated as a liaison to the committee.
6. Representation:
6.1. The Latino Caucus Steering Committee will select representatives to GPUS committees other than the NC or to other groups.
6.2. These representatives are accountable and report to the Latino Caucus Steering Committee.

7. Latino Caucus Steering Committee Officers
7.1. Co-Chairs: Co-chairs are the primary officers of the Latino Caucus Steering Committee. Responsibilities include being spokespersons for the Latino Caucus, planning meetings, conducting elections, maintaining membership lists and deciding what proposals to forward to the NC.
7.2. Treasurer: The Treasurer shall be responsible for fiscal management of the Latino Caucus and shall be the liaison to the GPUS Finance Committee. The treasurer must provide a financial report to the Latino Caucus Steering Committee no less than quarterly, and make available an annual financial statement to members.
7.3. Secretary: The Secretary is responsible for keeping and publishing Latino Caucus Steering Committee minutes.
7.4. NC Delegate: The Latino Caucus Delegate to the GPUS National Committee (NC Delegate) will represent the Latino Caucus on the NC. This NC Delegate is responsible for voting on proposals before the NC in a manner that is representative of the Latino Caucus. The NC delegate is also encouraged to participate in the Latino Caucus Steering Committee discussion of these proposals. The NC Delegate must inform members about relevant issues and solicit feedback. NC delegates will submit proposals to the NC. The Latino Caucus Steering Committee may recall the NC delegate for voting against consensus or for non- participation. The NC
Alternate Delegate will serve as the NC Delegate when the NC Delegate is unavailable or removed.
7.5. Officer Removal: Removal of a Latino Caucus Steering Committee officer for misconduct or non-participation requires a majority minus one Latino Caucus Steering Committee vote. At least two Latino Caucus Steering Committee members must initiate removal. The Latino Caucus
Steering Committee must be notify an officer facing removal and allow 7 days to speak or to issue a statement addressing the charges.
8. Proposals to the NC:
8.1. Latino Caucus Steering Committee approval or a 60% vote of Latino Caucus members is required for the NC delegate to submit a proposal to the NC.
8.2. At least five Latino Caucus members must support a proposal submission for consideration to the Latino Caucus Steering Committee. The Latino Caucus Steering Committee must begin their consensus period within fourteen days of receiving the proposal. The discussion and decision periods must be less than 7 days each.
8.3. Reversing a Latino Caucus Steering Committee decision on forwarding a proposal to the NC requires a 60% vote of Latino Caucus members. A minimum of five members must initiate the request to reverse the Latino Caucus Steering Committee decision. The steering committee must cooperate with reversal requests and conduct the vote.

9. Presidential Delegates:
9.1. Accredited Caucuses of the GPUS are entitled to Presidential Delegates representing the Caucus at presidential nominating conventions. The GPUS allocates the Presidential Delegates.
9.2. The Latino Caucus Steering Committee shall conduct a Presidential Delegates vote. The top vote getters will fill the allocated delegate seats. (A RANK CHOICE VOTING method will be conducted to fill the allocated delegate seats.)
9.3. The Latino Caucus Steering Committee shall conduct a Presidential Delegates instruction vote in time to meet convention deadlines listing: all presidential candidates recognized by the GPUS, uncommitted, and no nominee.
9.4. Delegate instructions will instruct the Delegates on who to vote for in the first round.
9.6. Delegate instructions are valid only for the first round of voting.
9.7. Selection of and instructions to Presidential Delegates shall not be considered as a Latino Caucus endorsement of any candidate.
11. Candidate Endorsements
11.1. Endorsement of a presidential candidate prior to GPUS nomination requires a 60% vote of Latino Caucus members that is separate from the delegate selection vote.
11.2. The Latino Caucus Steering Committee may endorse Green Party candidates for non-presidential races that are uncontested by other Green Party candidates as well as candidates for nonpartisan offices running on the Green Party platform.
12Latino Caucus Meetings
12.1.1 The Latino Caucus shall meet at least once a year.
12.1.2 All Latino Caucus meetings shall be open to all Latino Caucus members
12.1.3 The Latino Caucus Steering Committee will announce, plan, and run the meetings.
12.1.4 Minutes shall be available to members within fourteen days.

To see a better version or to comment on the document please contact me at: Facebook- Fresno County Green Party or (559)408-3320.

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Blog For The Fresno Green Party
On December 22, 2014 The Fresno Green Party wrote:
FRESNO comes before FERGUSON...
This article will be reproduced for the January edition of the 2015 Community Alliance.

Peace and Nonviolence isn’t just praying and hoping for justice but includes the time when we must roll up our sleeves, get out in the streets and make demands to our duly elected officials and those who have sworn to serve and protect us.  So let’s Stand Up and make

Demands for Justice!

1) Fire Police Chief Jerry Dyer, who is responsible for over 70 innocent individuals who have been murdered by local police.  He’s created a culture where officers are allowed to kill and intimidate or is too incompetent to control this reign of terror.
2) No rehiring of law enforcement who have seriously violated laws and been involved in shootings and killing of innocent people, and
3) Expand the Office of Independent Review (OIR) duties to do the job like subpoena powers and more to protect us from the bad influence on Law enforcement.  

Like a disease, bad cops influence and infect the good cops into losing some of their humanity and it becomes easy to overlook that young men of color and poverty are getting gunned down by police nearly every day.   Innocent and unarmed young people are being killed in this country.  Yes innocent, unless one throws away the principle of “Innocent Until Proven Guilty.”  Police become judge, jury and executioners; add the support of a Police Chief to defend their acts because those shot were mandatory “gang members” meaning are all gang members are non-human and the rules of law is wasted on them.  This kind of leadership has forced some good cops to leave law enforcement.  Since most in Law Enforcement are good and trying their best in a tough job but when bundled with a few bad cops even their reputations get stained.

Too many hiring practice of City’s bends toward bad cops from elsewhere because of the desire for experienced officers and it’s cheaper.  A city won’t have to pay for the training that formers cops have already received.  Yet it’s the taxpayers who will cover the cost of the legal deals that expensive lawyers work out to protect the officers for their acts of violence committed, money that could have been well spent for proper training of Law Enforcement.

The Central California Criminal Justice Committee (CCCJC) had preferred the more successful Independent Review model used in San Jose.  Yet Mayor Swearengin chose a different model where the OIR cannot investigate complaints himself, cannot question witnesses, can only monitor the completed reports that are sent to him by the Police investigative team. We need to demand the OIR be given the tools to do the job to prevent the abuse by Law Enforcement.  

Peace and Nonviolence is something we all must strive to do.  For what good are demonstrations if we are ignored, belittle, delayed and forgotten until the next killing.  Too many years have passed and racist legal lynching continues to plague us.

Richard Gomez is a council-member of the Fresno County Green Party. If interested in writing an article for the Fresno County Green Party, please contact me at (559)408-3320 or

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